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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Lighthouse (cont.)

Insert the model piece from the diver's helmet stand onto the table.

Spin the top around until the metal ring lines up with the metal circle on the roof. Once it's open, use your eyepiece to peek inside.

Push the grasshopper's legs down and flip the two switches.

Pull its head and take the metal pointer.

Return to the diver's helmet and attach the pointer to the open panel. Turn it anticlockwise to point at the three symbols from the underside of the plaque in order. This is the first symbol.

Continue turning it anticlockwise to the second symbol.

After hitting the third symbol, you'll be given a copper tap.

Attach it to the right side of the helmet like so and give it a turn.

Now align the two metal frames so that they're overlaid in the position above and the helmet will pop open. Retrieve the crystal phial and head back to the table.

Access the metal acorn in your inventory and twist it to reveal a key.

Use the eyepiece on the wooden arch and insert the acorn key into the panel on the tower with the tree painted onto it.

Attach the antler to the skull and rotate the three pieces until they mirror the one on the right.

Slot the crystal phial into the hole that's revealed above, and once it's been smashed, pick up the gemstone.

Now use the small key on the two-tiered tower and use the eyepiece to look inside.

There's a mannequin with three missing body parts. Rotate the lever to the left to attach the first limb, then use the eyepiece to enter the small tower and repeat with the next limb. Continue a third time until you reach peak limb-ception and complete the puzzle.

The top of the tower will open up, allowing you to insert the gemstone into the top. This will create a glowing lamp, so pick up this new item.

Enter the newly materialised cage and spin the metal bars so that they fan out into a wheel.

Push the top bar down to lock the upper cylinder in place, then rotate the bottom half to align it with a matching pattern.

Once the rectangular patterns have been matched up, the plain rectangle - a.k.a. a hole - should be lined up over the opening in the cylinder.

Slot the lamp into the hole.

Take the pyramid to complete the chapter.

Chapter two begins on the next page.

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