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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Lighthouse (cont.)

Pop the wooden arch into the slot with the fancy gold patterns around it.

Use the eyepiece to enter the archway.

There are three pillars with a pair of circles etched into them. Examine each one and press both circles at the same time to reveal three hidden symbols.

Here's the first one.

And the second one.

And the third.

Touch the panel on the floor and draw all three symbols, one a time. You'll know if you've done it right because the letters around the edge will light up.

This will prompt a new tower to spring up. Whip out your eyepiece and examine the panel at the back.

You need to reconstruct the compass. Turn the dial until the piece you want to move is in the right spot, then drag it to the centre. Repeat until it's complete.

The panel will pop open, allowing you to pick up a wooden model piece.

While you're here, make a note of these symbols.

Move around to the left and open the small drawer.

Take the model clock face and make a note of the symbols above the drawer.

Move around the tower to access the constellation chart.

Use the pairs of symbols to set the sliders on the star chart.

Double tap the lens for a closer look and make a note of the pattern.

Set the sliders to the second position as above.

This is what you'll find at these coordinates.

Face the front of the tower and equip your eyepiece once more.

Drag the magnets from your inventory onto the edges of the circle.

Slide them around the outer edge to move the diamonds and arrange them in the same formation as the constellations.

You'll receive a wooden model piece for your troubles, soslot it into the hole at the top of the raised area on the table.

You'll be sent up a floor to a new room, along with the table.

Investigate the diver's helmet and open the drawer on the right of the stand to find an antler and a note.

Now examine the dial on the helmet and turn it so that the matching symbols are next to one another,

Take the rivet from behind the plaque and make a note of the symbols on the underside.

Use the rivet on the hole on the left side of the helmet and slide it over once you insert it.

Pick up the metal acorn, flip the switch behind it, and take the wooden model piece.

Return to the table and attach the clock face onto the clock tower, then use your eyepiece to look inside.

Push the owl's beak up and twist its head around.

Pull its wing and remove the model boat, then head back to the table.

Slot the wooden model piece into hole by the miniature jetty and place the boat at the end of the rail to the left.

Slide the boat up to the boathouse, then use your eyepiece to look inside.

Slide the switch on the rat's back to open its head.

Spin the wheel, then press the two buttons that appear on either side.

Slide the bum back and take the key.

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