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The Room 3 walkthrough

Ending 2: Escape (cont.)

Pop over to the upper level of the library and close the poster book. Take the metal cube from the outer cover.

Leave the library and head to the greenhouse.

Place the cube onto the dish on the left and it'll recede inside.

Look trough the panel with your eyepiece and cycle through the alternate shapes with the arrow keys until you get a sphere. Press the middle button to eject it.

Get back to the poster book in the library and insert the sphere into the indentation on the right side. Open the book and use the eyepiece to look inside the pop-up theatre.

Press the button on the gramophone to retrieve the blank wax cylinder.

Insert it into the gramophone in the library.

Head to the greenhouse and turn the handle on the gramophone here, then dial the phone in the library. The number is 1795 - from the front of the phone box.

Return to the library and answer the phone. This will kick the gramophone into action. Take the etched wax cylinder.

Head back into the pop-up theatre and use the etched wax cylinder on the gramophone. Press the button on the front and take the token from the drawer.

Use the token on the Mystical Maggie machine once again and take the metal device from the drawer.

Take the elevator up to the top floor and attach the metal device to the fixture on the balcony.

Use your eyepiece and rotate the wheel to line up the top two segments of the key. Move the camera to align the bottom part. Pick up the key that appears.

Go back to the greenhouse and poke these loose bricks out of the wall. Use your eyepiece to peek inside.

Line up the discs to create the shape of a keyhole.

Zoom out and enter the main part of the greenhouse. Inspect the other side of the wall with the loose bricks. There's now a keyhole here. Pop the key in but don't turn it. Go back around to look inside the hole on the other side.

Examine the end of the key - it's on a slightly larger scale in here. Turn the handle and zoom out again. Turn the key around 180 degrees, then come back to the hole and turn the handle again.

The drawer beneath the key will have popped open. Grab the token and head to Mystical Maggie again.

Take the mysterious artifact and head through the portal at last.

Put Craftman's key into this mechanism to open it.

Take the ring from the edge of the plinth. Pop it onto the circular section on the front of the nearby box and use the eyepiece to look inside.

Line up the holes beneath the pistons and push the button.

Move the mirror to the left to divert the light beam.

Take the mirror from the compartment underneath the table and position it in the middle of the inner ring. Return the first mirror to its original position.

Look inside Craftman's key and solve the laser puzzle as before.

The train door will appear in the wall opposite. Ignore it and place the mysterious artifact onto the podium on the left. Spin the dial and look inside using your eyepiece.

Turn the dial around so that the small window is opposite the beam. Rotate it in sync until the the outer lights are lit up.

Push the button on the top of the box and go through the wooden door that appears to get the Escape ending.

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