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The Room 3 walkthrough

Ending 2: Escape

Take the Craftman's key, but ignore the portal. Head up the stairs to the library.

Pull open the token drawer on the Mystical Maggie machine and take the small mechanism.

Inspect the small mechanism in your inventory and rotate the outer circle to turn it into a key.

Head down to the office and use the key on the desk drawer on the right.

Open it up and slide the latch on the side,

Pick up the handle and use it on the desk drawer on the left.

Flip the latch on the inside of this drawer to unlock the metal disks on the middle drawer.

Rotate the disc on the left to expose a switch. Slide it over to unlock a cupboard on the right. Look inside.

Slide the plate to the right and push the left switch up.

Slide the plate to the left and push the right switch down.

Slide the plate all the way over to the right and flip the last switch.

Back at the middle drawer, rotate the discs so they're arranged like so. The drawer will open. Take the token out of it.

Use the token at the Mystical Maggie machine in the library to receive a crank wheel.

Make your way back to the room that you began the game in and use the crank wheel to open the gate.

Pull all three levers to extend the drawers.

Use the switches to indicate one number on each row. The total must equal the number at the top. Here's the solution for the first drawer.

And the second.

And the third.

You'll be deposited in front of this board. Line up the switches with the illuminated notches. You'll be directed back to the library.

When you get there, the phone will be ringing. Pull the lever over to the right to answer it and pick up the key.

Retrace your steps back to the room with the maths drawers and use the key on the box on the table.

Four drawers will light up in a random sequence. Open them in the same order and if you did it correctly, you'll get another token.

Insert the token into the Mystical Maggie machine to get the crank handle.

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