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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 4: The Observatory (cont.)

Head over to the stand on the left.

Examine the left side and rotate the dial around to line the compass points up correctly and take the round gear.

Slide open the gold bars in the middle of the table to find a square gear.

Turn the dial on the right to unscramble the image and turn the power on.

Back in the corridor, pull this lever to open the door.

Grab the sundial from the table and go back outside to the stand we were just fiddling with.

Pop the sundial into the hole on the left and twirl the arm around to the three.

Head to the three on the big sundial and pull on numerals to pop it open.

Slot the round gear into the bottom left corner and turn the handle until the metal plate moves to the left side. Pick up the round gear and the new triangular gear.

Slide the bottom metal plate to the right, and slide the metal plate on the upper right downwards. Pop in the three gears at the bottom right, as shown above, then turn the crank until a handle springs out. Pick it up along with your gears.

Slide the handle into the base of the stand and pick up the intricate orb.

Open your inventory to examine the orb. Pull the small handle down and out to receive a brass handle.

Open up the intricate orb to find an orb with a socket.

Examine the brass handle and use the rectangular slider at the bottom to rotate the circle on the end.

Return to the board beneath the sundial. Insert the gears onto the circular panel and stick the brass handle into the hole on the left.

Turn the brass handle to rotate the set of gears to the position shown, then turn the crank at the bottom to move the metal plate at the top to the outer edge of the board.

Once the scenery has changed slightly, examine the orb closest to the sun. Slide the switches at the top down and then push the button at the top.

Move along to the second planet and use the orb with a socket, then press the top button.

Spin the four sections to complete the map of earth on the third globe, and push the top button.

Examine the moon and rotate the wire frame to line up with the hole. Grab the metal casting from in here.

Go back to the stand, make a note of these symbols, and grab the lens cover.

Use your eyepiece and zoom in on the miniature building now visible in the top corner.

Arrange the dials to form this pattern and place your casting into the small plaque that appears.

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