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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Forge (cont.)

Rearrange the blocks at the forge and make the next key. Use it to open the top level of the pyramid.

Using the eyepiece, look inside the hole.

We need to align the four gemstones along the bottom panel to solve this puzzle.

Use the arrow button to select the gear on the left, then press the green button until the two gems on the inside are in position.

Slide over to the gear on the right and press the green button until the third gemstone is in place.

Finally, select the gear in the middle and hit the green button until the last gemstone has joined its comrades.

Take the metal casting from the box, slot it into the panel at the front of the table, and slide the handle over to the third light bulb.

Head through the newly opened door and turn the wooden handle on the right of this machine, prompting it to break off. That's what we wanted to happen, so don't panic.

Pick up the piece of wood from the left and go back to the room with the circular saw.

Pop the wood into the holder and slide it over to the left. Lift the handle to raise the saw blade and cut the wood in half.

Take the small piece of wood and pop it into the milling machine on the other side of the room to get a lathed piece of wood.

Take the lathed piece of wood to the machine you broke the handle off from and attach it in its place.

Use your eyepiece on the piece of paper that's churned out to see three dials.

Turn the dials so that the symbols match those above - from the wooden arm in the main room. You'll be rewarded with a camshaft.

Take the camshaft to the wooden arm and plop it into place. Move the pin to the position above and rotate the dial until the hand relinquishes the key it's grasping.

Use the key on the square peg on the side of the box at the top of the pyramid.

Examine the key in your inventory and align the holes along the side.

Use it to unlock the face decorated withfour prongs.

Examine the key once more and rotate the end to match the position above.

Use it on the bar with the groove running down the middle.

Claim your prize to finish the chapter.

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