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The Room 3 walkthrough

The Room 3 sees the player attending the world's worst job interview. You made the train and when you arrive, you're met with a note that bears good news - you're a definite candidate for an apprenticeship. The bad news is that you're trapped amongst a variety of elaborate puzzles and if you don't solve them, you'll be passed over for the position. And probably die.

So we've stepped in to help you ace the interview and defeat the dastardly puzzles created by Craftsman. Although you may want to reconsider your career path.

Table of Contents:

Shabana Arif
Shabana was born looking like a girl wearing a Pikachu hoodie, so when such things became popular, she fitted right in. She writes guides, reviews and features for GR+ when she isn't screaming at Dark Souls 2 on YouTube.