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Rift preview – exclusive pics of the beasts you’ll be killing


Size: Roc can get massive with wing spans of over 20 feet.

Locations: Usually desert areas especially near high cliffs and crags.

Alignment: Now usually found in their Telaran Evolved forms Rocs are thought to have originated from the Plane of Air, appearing in the skies to scavenge the battlefield at the behest of Crucia.

Description: The Roc is an enormous scavenger bird. Nesting alone or in small groups, Rocs dwell primarily in areas of great height, such as in aeries high up on cliff faces or high atop plateaus, where they can watch for prey from far above, and prepare for a disarming surprise attack. The shadow of a roc will blot out the sun before it grabs its prey from above with razor sharp talons that can pierce plate mail. While rocs will often live a solitary life in the deserts and canyons of Telara, they often gather in large flocks on the eve of great battles and feast upon the fallen dead. Soldiers take their appearance as an ill omen.

Queen Gnar

Size: Ranges in size from a medium to large dog to the truly massive Queens that can tower many feet over a fully grown man.

Locations: Gnar will almost exclusively be found in rocky areas as this is what they feed on.

Alignment: Gnar are from the Plane of Earth and are aligned with Laethys.

Description: A demonic insect native to the Plane of Earth, its claws can rip through solid stone, and the acid of its bite can dissolve most metals. Gnars are a hive society ruled by one or more terrifying queens. While an individual worker shows a single-minded purpose of digging vast network of tunnels in the never ending search of precious metals, a queen can display a terrifying if alien intelligence. Gnars pay tribute to Laethys but seldom serve any other master than their queen.


Size: 15 Feet or more, although some smaller versions have also been seen.

Locations: As constructs of the Golden maw they can be found wherever this cult is active or within the ruins of Eth where their creation was learned.

Alignment: Aligned with Laethys, the Plane of Earth and the Golden Maw.

Description: Diamond Golems are earth spirits that are bound within precious stones and are incorruptible servants. They cost a small fortune in rare gems to construct and are thus rarely seen except as servants of the Golden Maw. The Golems are often used for security as they have no greed or desire for money, power, or worldly goods. The ritual of its construction was first discovered by the ancient Eth and Golem Diamonds are encountered in ancient tombs and treasure chambers, but diamond golems have been seen coming from the earth rifts as well. These Golems stand 15 feet tall and are made of pure diamond. The arcane energy that animates the golem is visible as scintillating cobalt light at the golem's core. Diamond Golems are said to be incredibly powerful, impervious to all but the most powerful spells and mystical attacks. Its diamond body acts like a lens, focusing the energy contained within and allowing it to unleash some of that energy in powerful blasts and bolts.


Size:More than50 feet

Locations: Treants can be found in Treants Grove in Silverwood and the deep forests of Gloamwood.

Alignment: A towering creature of wood and wild malevolent power, the Treant is a primordial servant of Greenscale and the Aelfwar.

Description: A demon native to the Plane of Life, the Treants came over with their master Greenscale 1500 years ago to return Telara to a wilder, untamed state. When the great green dragon was imprisoned the Treant grew quiet in their fight and settled in Silverwood, the home of the High Elves. There they slept in the great forest and waited patiently for their master to return. With the coming of the rifts and the conversion of the Aelfwar to the faerie court, the Treant have been waking up. What was once a mighty tree in the forest suddenly moves and becomes a fifty foot demon, with skin as hard as oak, and a hatred of all those that wield the steel and fire trappings of civilization. The Treant towers over lesser sapling spirits, and crushes all who would seek to tame their primeval forest.

Jan 19, 2011

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