Resident Evil 5: BSAA Emblem Guide

Chapter 5-2: Another huge level with only one emblem. This one’s in a dumpster after the conveyor belt filled with explosive canisters.

Chapter 5-3: As you exit the room where you fought the boss, look behind the giant fan to the right. You’ll see this emblem hiding behind the blades.

Chapter 5-3: Very annoying, this one. As the platform spins upward, a soldier will come out and pull a lever that halts the ascension. The emblem is on the floor just behind the guy who pulls the switch, but you can’t hit it until you start rising again. Easiest way – wait until the second switch is pulled, slowing the spin to a point where it’s not a pain in the ass to aim.

Chapter 5-3: After the spinning room you’ll find yourself starting down another set of ruins. There’s an elevator to your left, but don’t go up just yet – walk behind it and snag the emblem located in the shaft.

Chapter 6-1: Right from the start, equip your rifle and look to the huge tower at the end of the ship (that’d be to your right). The emblem is near the top, so far away you’d assume you couldn’t hit it from this distance. But, as evidenced by the video, you sure can.

Chapter 6-1: One of the weirdest emblems to acquire. You can’t shoot it directly, and the only way you’d even know it was there is by the brief cutscene that shows the platform rise. So, with Sheva still in the cage, toss a grenade into the northern open container to collect. There are dynamite Majini that spawn for a while, so there’s a chance you could shoot one and its own explosion would count as hitting the emblem, but we haven’t tested that theory.

Chapter 6-1: After the Excella cutscene, find the very last BSAA emblem in a shelf behind glass.

That’s it! Any questions or clarifications, use the comments below or double check the videos. Once you’ve got them all, this snazzy duo is all yours:

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