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Every Resident Evil 2 locker codes: how to find and unlock every locker and desk in the game

Finding Resident Evil 2 locker codes are a valuable way to top up your ammo reserves. Somehow there's never enough to go around, especially for more useful weapons like the shotgun, magnum, grenade launcher or sub machine gun. Popping lockers open will find you more of what you need, so getting your hands on Resident Evil 2 locker codes makes life easier and a lot shootier. The really good news here is that you don't have to even find the codes. As long as you know them you can use them as soon as you find the locker. So here are all the Resident Evil 2 locker codes for your convenience. 

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Leon's Desk code 

This isn't strictly a Resident Evil 2 Remake locker code but it does use the same combination locks, two of them in fact. There's a puzzle involved in solving this that requires you work out the names of the police officers sat around you and use their first initials. Or you can just cheat and use these:  

  • Leon's desk right code - NED 
  • Leon's desk left code - MRG

If you're playing as Leon you'll find the Matilda Stock, to unlock its three shot burst ability (a terrible idea given how much ammo you generally have). While Claire gets the speed loader for her SLS 60 revolver which is much more useful. 

Men's Locker Room locker code, Police Station

The first locker in your journey is found in the Men’s Locker Room on the second floor of the police station. It’s straight ahead of you as you open the door. Be careful what you’re opening though, as another locker just next to it contains a resting zombie… 

The solution to this locker can be found in the Operations Room on the first floor of the police station, written on the whiteboard in marker.

Locker code: CAP

For cracking the code, Leon will receive shotgun ammo, and Claire will acquire flame rounds for her grenade launcher.

Third Floor locker code, Police Station

The second locker in the game is up on the third floor of the police station. You really can’t miss it. Ascend the stairs from the location of the first locker and walk straight ahead. It’s standing alone next to the mannequin shadow. Just make sure there are no zombies following you and you should be good to go. 

The solution for this locker is found in a roll of film down in the shooting range in the Parking Garage, behind the diamond key door. You have to develop this in the Dark Room on the first floor of the police station, where the save room is. 

Locker code: DCM

For your trouble, Leon will receive some magnum ammo, and Claire will acquire submachine gun rounds, depending on which scenario you’re playing.

Sewer Control Room locker code

The final locker in the game is found in the sewers later in the game. Head to the control room in the upper sewers (follow the walkway that takes you above the cable-car) and you will land in the control room, where a number of zombies lay in wait. Dispatch of all of them and you’re free to dial in the combination.

The solution for this locker is found, funnily enough, on a jazz flyer in the worker’s break room in the upper sewers (you'll need the No Entry Zone key you'll find on the desk in the bottom water way to get in). Once pocketed you can examine that three letters on the flyer are circled. This is your code.

Locker code: SZF

This locker will reward Leon with precious magnum ammo and Claire with submachine gun ammo. 

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