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All Resident Evil 2 key locations: Where to find the Blue Spade Key, Red Diamond Key and Green Club key

There are Resident Evil 2 keys to find throughout the game - the Blue Spade key, Red Diamond key or Green Club key are some of the first things you have to find in order to progress. They gatekeep your progress but you can be juggling a few at a time, not sure what to prioritise. They are also not always that obvious to find and it's a pain backtracking constantly to double check you've not missed something. So we're going to cover all the Resident Evil 2 keys here and help you find them.

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How to Find the Blue Spade Key

The first of the three keys you’ll need to progress, the Blue Spade Key can be found on the third floor of the western section of the police station. Begin by grabbing the knife from Marvin and work your way through the outer corridors. It goes without saying, be sure to search each room as you go so you have enough ammo, healing supplies, and anything else that will aid in fending off the undead.

You’ll eventually find yourself in the operations room. To exit, look for a small window and climb through. From here you’ll be faced with another corridor. Follow it round and on your left should be the safety deposit room, and on the right, the dark room. Just a little north of the dark room is a set of stairs. Follow them up to the top and look for an unnamed room. Inside this room, on a desk with a lamp and the world’s oldest radio is the blue spade key.

How to Find the Red Diamond Key

There’s a bit of a gap between when you acquire the blue spade key and the red diamond key. Just keep playing as you normally would until you eventually gain access to the parking garage and, yes, those bloody dogs!

Before you enter the parking garage area it’s worth making sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. If you’ve yet to pick up the shotgun or grenade launcher, depending on which character you’re playing as, head back and grab it. You will need it.

The goal of the parking garage is to gain access to the morgue, which is over the opposite side of the area. To access it, you’ll need to pass through the kennels (joy!) then make a beeline for the door at the end of the corridor. Head to the northern area and you’ll find a wall of cold lockers (the things they store dead people in). There’s a few to open up, but the only one you need to focus on is the second from the left. Inside is not only the Red Diamond Key, but also a nice surprise.

How to Find the Green Club Key (Leon Only)

Thankfully there isn’t much of a gap between attaining the red diamond key and the green club key. That said, you are going to need to grab the crank found in the jail cells on a table next to where the thing happens (you’ll know when it does).

Once you’ve got the crank you’re safe to make your way back up to the main hall in the police station. On the second floor, just north of the art room, is a set of shutters that block your way. Crank that just like Soulja Boy showed you, and you’ll be able to pass.

From here it’s just a case of following the stairs, finding the east storage room, then passing through the room to access the balcony area. You’ll come across some metal ladders. Head down them. When you land there should be a water pump lever to your right, and to the west, a set of metal stairs leading down.  Follow the stairs down and you’ll see a door. Head through and inside, on a whiteboard with an amusing message, is the green club key.

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