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Rango trailer hits web


Johnny Depp’s CGI animated comedy Rango has released its first full trailer online – and it’s something pretty special.

Revealing the film as an all-out, banjo-twangin' Western, it’s overflowing with rapturous imagery (just check out that blazing sun), gorgeous detail (lizard skin!) and oddball characters.

Pixar have never had to worry that another studio could steal their CG crown, but Rango (courtesy of Paramount Pictures) should have them perspiring at least a little under their collars.

In the visual department, at least; the jury's still out on if the script can deliver.

Rango follows Depp’s titular lizard, a sheltered household pet who undergoes a journey of self discovery after suffering an identity crisis.

Check out the trailer below…

Rango is out due out Stateside on 4 March, 2011. No UK release date yet.

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