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Pokemon Go Zamazenta Raid Counters, and everything you need to defeat them

Pokemon Go Zamazenta
(Image credit: Niantic)

Some Pokemon Go Zamazenta Raid Counters will help you defeat one of the biggest additions to Pokemon Go as part of the of the Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock event

This new Legendary will certainly give trainers a powerful new Pokemon to use in battles and to add to their collection. However, trainers looking to fight Zamazenta may find it a bit easier to pick a team to face it. Zamazenta, like Zacian, has two forms with the Hero of Many Battles form arriving in Pokemon Go starting August 26 (and if you want help with some Pokemon Go Zacian Raid counters, we've got that there). 

Like Zacian, this form of Zamazenta is only one type but it’s still a powerful Pokemon so trainers will need to prepare for battle against it. Luckily, we’ve come up with this Raid guide to give all the pertinent information Pokemon Go trainers need to know about Zamazenta including its typing, moveset, and the best counters to take it down. 

Pokemon Go Zamazenta

(Image credit: Niantic)

 Pokemon Go Zamazenta Counters 

The Hero of Many Battles Zamazenta is a pure Fighting-type, making it weak to Flying, Psychic and Fairy-type attacks. Its typing does make it resist Dark, Rock and Bug-type attacks so trainers should avoid bringing Pokemon that use those moves when facing this Zamazenta. 

Pokemon Go has added plenty of Psychic-type Legendaries like Mewtwo and Latios that trainers will want to take into battles against Hero of Many Battles Zamazenta. However, if you’re keen on bringing a Mega Pokemon there are a couple of options. 

Mega Pidgeot is the best Flying-type Mega in Pokemon Go, so far, and is returning to Mega Raids alongside Zamazenta on August 26. Mega Charizard Y does bring a Flying-type with a Fast Attack that can deal super effective damage, but its choice of Charged Attack is lacking. Unfortunately, Charizard doesn’t have a Flying-type Charged Attack option in Pokemon Go so trainers will have to use Blast Burn which does only neutral damage. 

Here’s a list of great options to take into battles against Hero of Many Battles Zamazenta including what the best of moves of each Pokemon should be. 

Zamazenta Counters
MewtwoPsycho Cut and Psystrike
Mega PidgeotGust and Brave Bird
MoltresWing Attack and Sky Attack
MetagrossZen Headbutt and Psychic
LatiosZen Headbutt and Psychic
Mega Charizard YAir Slash and Blast Burn
AlakazamPsycho Cut and Psychic
RayquazaAir Slash and Hurricane
Ho-OhExtrasensory and Bravebird
Mega AltariaPeck and Moonblast

 Pokemon Go Hero Zamazenta Moveset

Hero of Many Zamazenta has a variety of different moves it can use against trainers in Pokemon Go. It can bring the Steel-type attack Metal Claw, Normal-type Quick Attack, Dark-type Snarl, and the Ice-type Ice Fang. These fast attacks could affect how long your Pokemon lasts in battle. Any Flying types you bring will be weak to Zamazenta’s Ice Fang, while Psychic types will have a hard time if the Legendary has Snarl.

As for its Charged Attacks, Crunch will spell trouble for Psychic types and Iron Head will put the hurting on any Fairy types trainers decide to bring into battle. Flying types won’t have to worry too much about Zamazenta’s Charged Attacks unless its secondary typing is weak to one of the listed moves below. 

Trainers will have to use the recommended screen to scout what types of attacks Zamazenta could have. If Pokemon Go recommends Flying types, then it is likely the Legendary won’t use Ice Fang. If it recommends Psychic types then Zamazenta will likely not have Dark-type attacks. 

Here is every Fast and Charged Attack Zamazenta can have in Pokemon Go. 

Zamazenta Moveset
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Metal ClawClose Combat
Quick AttackMoonblast
SnarlIron Head
Ice FangCrunch

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