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Pokemon Go Sierra counters - how to beat the Team Go Rocket leader

Pokemon Go Sierra counters
(Image credit: Niantic)

The Pokemon Go Sierra counters can change frequently, just like they can with the other Team Rocket leaders, but that's where this guide comes in handy. You may find that the team you used to take down Sierra in Pokemon Go isn't up to the task anymore, or you want to defeat Sierra for the first time on your way to Giovanni, in which case you've come to the right place. Here are the best Pokemon Go Sierra counters for April 2021.

Still need to battle the other Team Go Rocket leaders? Make sure you read our Pokemon Go Cliff counters and Pokemon Go Arlo counters guides for more.

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Pokemon Go Sierra lineup

Pokemon Go Sierra counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

  1. Carvanha
  2. Hippowdon/Porygon-Z/Mismagius
  3. Flygon/Houndoom/Walrein

Pokemon Go Sierra counters

Below are all of the best counters to Sierra's Pokemon, listed in the order they can appear.

#1: Carvanha counters

Carvanha isn't a particularly strong Pokemon to begin with and since it's a Water/Dark-type, there are a lot of possible counters. You can see off Carvanha with ease by using any of the following counters.

TogekissCharm/Ancient Power
TorterraRazor Leaf/Frenzy Plant
ScraftyCounter/Foul Play
HydreigonDragon Breath/Dark Pulse

#2: Hippowdon counters

Hippowdon is only a Ground-type Pokemon, but its move pool is so varied and wild that there's a chance even the best Hippowdon counter may be weak to its moves in battle. As a result, try some of the following counters and if one fails, move onto the next.

TorterraRazor Leaf/Frenzy Plant
RhyperiorMud Slap/Surf
RoseradeRazor Leaf/Grass Knot

#2: Porygon-Z counters

Since Porygon-Z is a Normal-type Pokemon, it is only weak to Fighting-types. It has a powerful move pool, but if you go all out with your strongest Fighting-type Pokemon, you should be able to take it down.

MachampCounter/Close Combat
HariyamaCounter/Dynamic Punch
LucarioCounter/Power-Up Punch
EscavalierCounter/Drill Run

#2: Mismagius counters

Like Dusknoir when fighting Cliff, Mismagius can be taken down easily by using Normal and Dark-type Pokemon, since it only has Ghost-type moves.

UrsaringShadow Claw/Close Combat
MukSnarl/Dark Pulse
TyranitarSmack Down/Crunch

#3: Houndoom counters

Houndoom, on the other hand, is a Fire-/Dark-type Pokemon, so Bug-types would be the worst option here. Any Fighting-, Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type moves will deal double damage against Houndoom, so if you faced off against Sharpedo in slot two, hopefully your Fighting-type counter will still be healthy to deal damage to Sharpedo.

RampardosSmack Down/Rock Slide
ConkeldurrCounter/Dynamic Punch
KyogreWaterfall/Hydro Pump

#3: Flygon counters

Flygon is a Ground/Dragon-type with some powerful moves; ideally, you'll still have one shield left here to block a charged attack. You'll want to use Fairy, Ice, and Dragon-type Pokemon, but only go for the latter if the Flygon you're against knows Mud Shot. Otherwise Flygon's Dragon-type moves will see you off.

ClefableCharm/Meteor Mash
Alolan NinetalesPowder Snow/Weather Ball
ArticunoIce Shard/Icy Wind

#3: Walrein counters

Walrein is an Ice/Water-type Pokemon, so Grass, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type moves are the best to use. Unfortunately, Fire-type Pokemon aren't recommended thanks to Walrein's Water-type moves.

TangrowthVine Whip/Power Whip
Alolan ExeggutorBullet Seed/Seed Bomb
MetagrossBullet Punch/Meteor Mash
MelmetalThunder Shock/Superpower

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