Pandemic working on WWII stealth-action game

Saboteur is the title of a World War II game in development at Pandemic Studios that focuses on the French Resistance's fight against Nazi occupation.

Reported, it's said Pandemic's game combines stealth, platform action - which we assume means the likes of leaping from rooftop to rooftop - with open-world gameplay, and the lead character, as a member of the Resistance, unsurprisingly conducts sabotage missions. FiringSquad also reports that the game borrows one ofOkami'smore unique features, in that Nazi-occupied areas appear in black and white; only by successfully performing sabotage missions can you bring color back to the world.

There's no word on which platforms the game will appear on at this stage, but with a release date of 2008 given we should hear more soon.

March 19, 2007