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Pacific Rim lands record-breaking opening in China

Good news for fans of Guillermo del Toro's robots vs. monsters smackdown, Pacific Rim , as the film's Chinese opening may just have resurrected its chances of a sequel.

The film opened in China to a record-breaking $9 million on Wednesday, making it Warner's biggest ever debut in the Chinese market.

That puts the film's foreign box office at $140 million, a welcome boon given the film's lacklustre domestic opening of $37 million.

Having spent a budget of around $200 million, and with the film unlikely to make even half that at home, the foreign market will be key to the chances of a Pacific Rim 2 .

And while Warner has yet to greenlight a sequel, the film's strong Asian performance is likely to be a huge point in its favour. So long as Guillermo del Toro returns, we're on board...

To find out what GdT and the cast want to see in a sequel, check out our exclusive video interview below:

George Wales
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