How to get No Man's Sky Technology Modules

Everything has changed in No Man's Sky since the Next update, and now a resource called a Technology Module has become quite the prized possession. You need them for crafting new items, particularly new technology for your ship, multi-tool and exocrafts. But how you get No Man's Sky Technology Modules is where things start to get a little annoying and expensive.

What is a No Man's Sky Technology Module?

Technology Modules in No Man's Sky are one of those resources that you always need, but are an absolute pain to get. They're pretty rare, and seeing as they've become an incredibly important resource, you're going to want to use as many methods of obtaining them as you possibly can. 

How to get a No Man's Sky Technology Module

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And for some, there's good news. If you're coming back into No Man's Sky Next after a spell away from Hello Games' creation, you will find that a load of your ship/multi-tool/suit upgrades have been magically transformed into "Obsolete Technology". At first, I was shaking my fist at the clouds at such a revelation, but with the whole universe being reset, there was at least a silver lining to those very clouds. 

That's because, dismantling an Obsolete Technology in No Man's Sky will usually get you up to three Technology Modules, so by the time you've dismantled all that Obsolete Tech you should have a nice little collection of Technology Modules to plough into new upgrades. 

However, that only works if you are a returning player jumping back into an old save. Anyone starting a new save, or coming to No Man's Sky for the first time will discover trying to get Technology Modules much more of a chore, and a financial burden. Because, as we all know, making money fast in No Man's Sky can be quite the struggle, and when every unit counts, you don't want to keep wasting tens of thousands of units on each Technology Module. 

No Man's Sky Technology Module

There are basically three ways to get No Man's Sky Technology Modules, not including the Obsolete Technology route. The first is basically buying them. You can usually find Technology Modules lurking in the Galactic Trade Terminals found at Space Stations, Trade Outposts or your very own base, if you have one. However, this is an expensive route. On average they retail for around 60,000 Units, although that figure can rise depending on how many you buy in one galaxy. 

Buying Upgrade Modules in No Man's Sky

The second way to potentially get yourself some Technology Modules without rinsing your Unit bank dry is by using your Nanite pot to buy Tech Upgrade Modules from the vendors in Space Stations. If you then dismantle them, there's a chance you'll receive a Technology Module in exchange. Rumour has it that the higher level the Upgrade Module, the more likely you are to get Technology Modules when you dismantle them. However, I've bought and dismantled plenty of Upgrade Modules so far and never actually received any Technology Modules for my pains. 

No Man's Sky Buried Technology Module

The third way to potentially get No Man's Sky Technology Modules involves heading down to a planet and scanning for Buried Technology Modules, which are picked up by your Analysis Visor. It was outlined in No Man's Sky Next version 1.5. You'll need to dig down using the Terrain Manipulator to find them, but be careful to go gently, gently as you dig down because it can be incredibly easy to destroy them rather than discover them. However, everything I've scanned has only provided me with Salvaged Technology, which you can use to research new items for your base. 

So far, these are the only ways to get No Man's Sky Technology Modules, but at the moment the easiest route is simply to buy them with your Units from a Galactic Trade Terminal, so start saving. 

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