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Pick up a Nintendo Switch controller cheap in 2019

 Grab a Nintendo Switch controller cheap for 2019

More often than not the best way to get a Nintendo Switch controller cheap, is to really nail down and execute the donkey work in rooting one out. This probably stems for the fact that Nintendo has a weird policy: uniquely among console manufacturers, it likes to make a profit on its hardware. Rather than selling them off cheap and making the money back with profits from software sales, the Kyoto company prefers a fair price for its consoles.

This means bargains and deals for official Nintendo gear can be a bit few and far between. Never fear, we’ve got your back, prying out the deals from the online shelves and reconnoitring every store to find more thrifty transactions for you.

Controllers are a good place to start. The larger Pro controllers and the smaller Joy Cons suit different types of game, with the latter absolutely essential if you intend yo play with the Switch in portable mode. There’s even a controller that looks like a Pokeball. Many of these will have come in Nintendo Switch bundle when you first bought the console, but adding new controllers afterwards allows more people to play, which is always a good thing. There’s only so many times you can borrow controllers from a friend, after all.

Then there are some a few other Nintendo Switch accessories you might find useful, such as the best Nintendo Switch SD cards which are essential for data storage, charging docks for battery topups, protective cases and all sorts of useful gizmos.

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US deals

nintendo switch controller cheap

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | $56.99 on Amazon (save $12)
The Pro Controller is perfect for those Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sessions, so it's worth grabbing one now while it's cheap(er).View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Neon Blue/Neon Red) | $69.99 on Walmart (save $10)
Need an extra set of Joy-Cons for a gaming session with family or friends? Save $10 with this deal from Walmart.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Gray) | $66.99 on Amazon (save $13)
If you've got a gray Nintendo Switch, you'll probably want gray Joy-Cons to go with it. Amazon's got your back (for $13 less, too).View Deal

Nintendo Poke Ball Plus | $41.99 at B&H Photo (save $8)
If you gotta catch them all, this is a cool little controller that helps make Pokemon Let's Go more immersive.View Deal

Power-A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock | $19.99 on Amazon (save 33%)
It's a good idea to buy a charger for any console with wireless controllers, but in the Switch's (very portable) case it's even more important.View Deal

UK deals

nintendo switch controller cheap

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | £54 from (save £6)
The Pro Controller's ideal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sessions, so grab one now while it's cheaper than normal.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Neon Green/Neon Pink) | £65 on Amazon (save £5 compared to other retailers)
A few quid off isn't something to sniff at, and this Joy-Con combo is still a good fiver cheaper than you'll find anywhere else.View Deal

Nintendo Poke Ball Plus | £39 (save 10%) at
Not a huge saving, but if you're looking to grab a Poke Ball and don't want to pay full price, this is where to find it cheapest.View Deal

Pro controller

nintendo switch controller cheap


Best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals

The Pro controller’s essential if you’ll be spending a lot of time on the Switch. Not only does it help avoid the claw hand you start to get after a long session using the Joy-Cons, it’s better suited to games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2. The only downside is the fact that they don’t come in many colors.

As a side-note, we’d recommend avoiding third-party handsets if you want to use amiibos: they don’t usually have NFC capabilities.


nintendo switch controller cheap


Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals

Only after a pair of Joy-Cons? We’ve got the top deals for you below. We’d definitely advise getting a pack of two rather than singular Joy-Cons; single packs go for $49.99/£39.99, while a pair is $79.99/£69.99. It’s better value for money all-round. 

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