Get a Nintendo Switch controller cheap in 2019 - the best Pro controllers and Joy-Con deals

nintendo switch controller cheap

Quality is something Nintendo’s known for, and their controllers don’t disappoint. Sadly, that kind of reliability makes it tough to find a Nintendo Switch controller cheap. We don’t give up easily, though. You’ll find the very best deals here, and we update this guide regularly.

Best deal today

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is $56.99 from Walmart (save $12)
The Joy-Cons are great, but there's nothing like a classic controller.

Broadly speaking, two different types of Nintendo Switch controller are available: Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller. Joy-Cons aren’t unlike Wii Remotes, and they can be used in a pair or individually if you have more than one person playing. They also come in a range of colors, but be aware that the price for these varies wildly - you’ll pay a premium for the more outlandish shades, and that’s not ideal because they’re functionally identical. At the other end of the scale are Pro Controllers. These are far more traditional handsets with triggers and thumbsticks that give you an edge in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (you can use Amiibos with them, too). Just be careful of third party alternatives. Although they’re often great in a practical sense, they don’t always have the same Amiibo functionality. That’s not to say you shouldn’t consider one; it’s more about knowing what you’re getting (or not getting, as the case may be). Either way and no matter what you want, we'll get you a Nintendo Switch controller cheap. 

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US deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is $56.99 from Walmart (save $12)
The Pro Controller is perfect for those Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sessions, so it's worth grabbing one now while it's cheap(er).View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Neon Blue/Neon Red) for $69 on Walmart (save $10)
Need an extra set of Joy-Cons for a gaming session with family or friends? Save $12 with this deal from Walmart.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Gray) for $69 on Amazon (save $10.99)
If you've got a gray Nintendo Switch, you'll probably want gray Joy-Cons to go with it. Happily, Amazon's got your back (for 14% less, too).View Deal

Nintendo Poke Ball Plus is £44.95 (save 10%) at Amazon (save $5.04)
If you gotta catch them all, this is a cool little controller that helps make Pokemon Let's Go more immersive.View Deal

Power-A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock for $22.49 on Amazon (save 25%)
It's a good idea to buy a charger for any console with wireless controllers, but in the Switch's (very portable) case it's even more important.View Deal

UK deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for £54.99 from Very (save £10)
The Pro Controller's ideal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sessions, so grab one now while it's cheaper than normal.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Neon Green/Neon Pink) for £64.99 on Amazon (save £5 compared to other retailers)
Although it's not back in stock until 14th January, this Joy-Con combo is still a good fiver cheaper than you'll find it anywhere else.View Deal

Nintendo Poke Ball Plus is £44 (save 10%) at
Not a huge saving, but if you're looking to grab a new Poke Ball for Pokemon hunting, and don't want to pay full price, this is where to find it cheapest.View Deal

PowerA Wireless controller for Nintendo Switch (white) for £39.99 from Argos
If you'd like a more traditional controller that still has the official stamp of approval, this handset's going for £39.99 at Argos.View Deal

Pro controller

nintendo switch controller cheap

The Pro controller’s essential if you’ll be spending a lot of time on the Switch. Not only does it help avoid the claw hand you start to get after a long session using the Joy-Cons, it’s better suited to games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2. The only downside is the fact that they don’t come in many colors.

As a side-note, we’d recommend avoiding third-party handsets if you want to use amiibos: they don’t usually have NFC capabilities.


nintendo switch controller cheap

Only after a pair of Joy-Cons? We’ve got the top deals for you below. We’d definitely advise getting a pack of two rather than singular Joy-Cons; single packs go for $49.99/£39.99, while a pair is $79.99/£69.99. It’s better value for money all-round. 

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