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New Witcher season 2 images show what happened to Yennefer after her season 1 sacrifice

(Image credit: Netflix)

Another day, another batch of fresh images from The Witcher season 2. This time, it’s sorceress (and Geralt’s on-again, off-again beau) Yennefer who is the focus of attention – and it seems she’s still recovering from her fiery farewell in the first season.

So, yes, Anya Chalotra’s mage is back. As if there was ever any doubt. “She used her full might/and the battlefield burned/Then she vanished from sight/But Yen will return,” says The Witcher Twitter account in typical lyrical fashion, along with a pair of Yennefer images.

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

But Yennefer’s show of strength during the Battle of Sodden Hill appears to have taken a toll on the Aretuza graduate. Not only is she scarred and bruised, but she’s also in chains. Could she have been captured by Nilfgaard? If so, expect Geralt to be on the warpath to break her out.

These Witcher images continue the trend set this week that has seen the first official peeks at the Netflix series’ lead trio pour out. First, there was Geralt and his shiny new armour (complete with mega-chestplate and a set of quite literally chiselled abs), and then there was a tease of Ciri’s new direction. The Lion Cub of Cintra is seen training at what seems to be Kaer Morhen, with a wooden sword in her grasp.

For now, we expect that to be it in the way of Witcher season 2 previews. The show is still filming – and is expected to air some time in 2021.

Can’t wait until then? Here’s what’s new on Netflix this month.

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