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New Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order deals have appeared - move fast if you want one

New Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order deals have appeared - move fast if you want one
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Lesser-spotted Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order deals have appeared in the wild, and you can secure the White version of the console from Amazon UK right now (unfortunately, the Neon Blue/Red edition has sold out). These are pretty rare and usually sell out fast, so if you want to grab one for yourself ahead of the 8 October release date, you'd better move sharpish.

Considering how hard it is to find Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order stock, these offers are pretty hot stuff. And although the pre-orders don't come with extras or discounts of any kind, that scarcity makes any deal worth pouncing on faster than Mario after he's used a Star powerup.

Still not sold on what makes the Nintendo Switch OLED special? Despite not being the 4K Nintendo Switch Pro we were all hoping for, it does provide something of an upgrade thanks to a larger screen, a better kick-stand, enhanced audio, and an OLED display that impresses thanks to richer colours and contrast. 

Luckily, you don't need to buy any proprietary new items for the Switch OLED, as the best Nintendo Switch accessories, such as SD cards, headsets, carrying cases, and additional Joy-Cons are all completely compatible with the refresh.

In addition, the same Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite games will work on the Nintendo Switch OLED; there's nothing you can't play on your new system. This means the best Switch games or existing favourites can be booted up and enjoyed straight away on the OLED. 

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order deals

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