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New Live Action Hulk TV Series In Development

US network ABC plans to bring the jolly green giant back to the small screen

Will the Hulk smash TV ratings once more? Will this new project the green light? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Deadline is reporting that there’s a new live action TV series of Marvel’s The Hulk in early stages of development at the US network ABC, and Marvel TV, under its new boss (former comic book writing legend) Jeph Loeb, is on the look-out for a showrunner to adapt the adventures of the jolly green giant.

Of course, we’ve already had a TV Hulk in the late ’70s, early ’80s in the form of Lou Ferrigno, with Bill Bixby playing his human alter ego David Banner (yeah, they changed his name from Bruce in the comics). That gave the world the catchphrase, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” To be honest, it was only superficially like the comics; ’70s TV FX weren’t up to creating major supervillains, and big sci-fi set-pieces, so instead The Incredible Hulk became more like The Fugitive meets Jekyll And Hyde with the Hulk slapping down petty criminals and dodgy scientists. The result was actually pretty decent, but it wasn’t the Hulk from the comics. Presumably the new version will be more like the comic version, especially with Marvel’s own TV wing running the show. Audiences are also more familiar with the big screen Hulk’s antics, thanks to the Eric Bana and Edward Norton films, so they’re not going to accept a bargain basement version of the jade Avenger trashing a few cars every now and then.

Talking of the The Avengers , you also have to wonder if there’ll be any link between the TV show and the “shared universe” Marvel films currently being produced, though it seems unlikely that mark Ruffalo, whose playing Banner/the Hulk in the Avengers film would reprise his role on the small screen.

So, what for do you think a live-action Hulk TV show should take? Do you think we’ll get a CG Hulk, or a wrestler in green paint? Thoughts please…