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New images from Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution has released a glut of new images, with Milla Jovovich and her various co-stars striking all manner of badass poses with their big old guns.

Most of the images seem to revolve around Jovovich looking mean and moody, whether stood in front of a blood-spattered wall, or cutting a menacing silhouette in a dank and dingy corridor. You could argue that the film series as a whole exist solely for this purpose, but we don't want to be cruel…

Elsewhere, there's a first look at Kevin Durand's character Barry Burton, a popular survivor from the videogame series. And despite sounding like an urchin from a Hovis advert, he seems to know his way around the tricky business of zombie slaying.

Meanwhile, several other old favourites are present and correct including Ada Wong (Li Bingbing), Luther West (Boris Kodjoe) and Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez), all of whom will be joining in the fun as Alice (Jovovich) attempts to track down those responsible for the T-virus outbreak.

Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Resident Evil: Retribution will open in the UK on 28 September 2012. You can check out the new images in full, below...

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