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New images from Oz: The Great And Powerful

Oz: The Great And Powerful has released a new batch of images online, featuring a new look at the three witches, as well as James Franco in a rather dashing top hat.

Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis look suitably magical as Oz’s three resident witches, none of whom look even the slightest bit green. We particularly like Williams’ return to long, flowing locks, while Weisz looks suitably menacing as her darker sister.

Franco heads up the cast of the new film, playing a struggling magician who finds himself blown to the magical land of Oz when his hot air balloon is drastically diverted off course by a powerful tornado.

Upon landing in Oz, he is greeted as a powerful sorcerer, a situation he finds not altogether displeasing. However, it looks as though his days in the spotlight are numbered when a trio of witches set out to expose him as a fraud…

Directed by Sam Raimi and co-starring Zach Braff and Tony Cox, Oz: The Great And Powerful opens in the UK on 8 March 2013. You can check out the new images, below…

George Wales
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