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More Activity for Paranormal filmmaker

Director Oren Peli's first movie isn't even out of cinemas yet but a hungry Paramount Pictures have already snapped up the rights for his second venture, Area 51.

Peli's haunted house shocker Paranormal Activity was made on a shoestring $15,000 and has since accumulated over $107 million, becoming one of the most successful movies in Hollywood history.

Released in the US three months ago, it's just hit the overseas market and is now raking in even more dosh from scared, popcorn-spilling punters worldwide.

Peli's follow-up, Area 51 , which has just finished filming in Utah, focuses on three teenagers who stumble across the top secret government base - with unpleasant and possibly alien-related consequences.

This one cost a more impressive (and yet still relatively tiny) $5 million.

Closer plot details are still under wraps, but the gimmick appears to be the same 'found footage' technique used on Activity.

Paramount have paid $7.5 million for the movie's distribution rights without even seeing a glimpse of what's been filmed so far. That's what we call confidence.

Will aliens be as scary as ghosties? Is Paranormal Activity a Blair Witch-style one-off or does Peli have a glittering career ahead? Let us know below!