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Monster Hunter Rise gives out free items to celebrate 5 million copies sold

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise is giving all players a free in-game item pack filled with useful consumables to celebrate its opening week.

Capcom revealed (opens in new tab)the pack – specifically the Kamura Pack 1: Big Hit Celebration – on Twitter. It comes with 30 mega potions, 20 well-done steak, 10 large barrel bombs, five mega demondrug, and five mega armorskin – a pretty good mix of heals, buffs, and bombs. That might not sound like a lot, but especially in the early stages of the game, 30 mega potions is worth a fair bit of time and money since you don't have many item farms available yet. You can claim these freebies for yourself via Senri, the mailman palico found in the center of Kamura village. Just talk to him, select downloadable content, and download the pack. 

If Monster Hunter World is anything to go by, Monster Hunter Rise will likely give out many free item bundles just like this in the weeks and months ahead. Sales milestones aside, we'll probably see item packs for major updates as well. 

The game's first title update will arrive later this month, adding Apex Rathalos, the Elder Dragon Chameleos, and an unannounced assortment of other monsters. Another update planned for the not-so-distant future will expand on the game's somewhat abrupt ending and seemingly add yet another final boss. I think that will bring us up to the final, final, final, final boss, and it's reasonable to assume it'll come with an item pack as well. 

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