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Metroid: Samus Returns is coming to 3DS in September - is it the 2D Metroid you've been waiting for?

Today was a very good day for Metroid fans: first we got confirmation that Metroid Prime 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch, then Nintendo casually revealed a new sidescrolling Metroid for 3DS. The game called Metroid: Samus Returns is a reboot of Metroid 2: Return of Samus with additional  powers, free aiming, and a bunch of other new stuff - and its release date is set for September 15.

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I've been waiting for a new 2D(ish) Metroid game since Zero Mission came out in 2004, so I'm super excited. Then again, I'm also slightly concerned by the choice of developer; MercurySteam, the studio behind the divisive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games, is heading up Metroid: Samus Returns. And the last time Nintendo let a third-party studio play around with Metroid we got Other M... So I'll temper my reflexive hype levels to "cautious optimism" for now. What about you?

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