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Men Are From Mars gets film adap

Did they learn nothing from He’s Just Not That Into You ?

Hmm alright, maybe they did, considering that star-stuffed self-help-book-turned-movie inexplicably grossed an impressive $178m in BO kerchings (and on a teeny budget of $25m that probably mostly went on shoes and hair gloop).

Now we have reports that Summit Entertainment (the harbingers of the Twilight flicks, if you’d previously missed that) have purchased the rights to relationship crutch novel franchise Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus .

And they’ve got big plans for the series, with producers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun all prepped and ready to develop the books into a film and television series.

Summit’s President of Production Erik Feig said:

“[ It’s ] not just the title of a book, or what we know will become an amazing film and TV franchise – it is a pop cultural mainstay and comically, sadly, romantically, all too often still true these many years after first being published.”

After the multi-star-attracting power of He’s Just Not That Into You , you can’t blame Summit for attempting to replicate that formula here.

Especially considering women turned out in droves for the first Sex And The City movie as well, proving that the chick flick market is anything but dead.

No details yet on how Summit plan to flesh the decidedly non-narrative (though arguably still entirely fictional) books into a film, but expect a slew of perky, polished LA actresses to start lining up for roles today.

Blokes, you’ve been warned: plan some time away for the weekend this gets released in cinemas. It’s going to be unbearable...

Think this sounds like pure filmic torture?