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Mega Man Universe isn’t the only new Mega Man title. Series creator teases new, unannounced project

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune played his cards close to his chest when speaking at Capcom’s Mega Man Universe panel at this year’s Comic-Con. The series creator didn’t reveal much new information about the mysterious claymation trailer, which was released just prior to the convention. Speaking in very broad terms, Inafune pointed out one goal of Mega Man Universe, is to ‘allow you to play as the Mega Man of your dream.’ Later adding that another goal is to ‘unite Mega Man fans from around the planet, together in one place.’

Inafune did, however, hint that Mega Man Universe won’t be the only new Mega Man title announced this year. “Actually, I want to tell you there’s other things going on with Mega Man right now. This is going to be a big Mega Man year for me, personally. You haven’t heard the last of the Mega Man announcements in the near future,” said Inafune, adding that the unannounced title is “an oft requested thing” fans have been wanting. You can watch the entire Mega Man Universe panel discussion below.