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Marisa Tomei joins Lincoln Lawyer

Oscar winning Marisa Tomei will be joining Matthew McConaughey in legal drama The Lincoln Lawyer .

Further production on the film was halted last year with the announcement that Tommy Lee Jones will no longer be working on the project, but now with this announcement it seems things may be finally starting to move.

With Matthew McConaughey cast as defense lawyer Micky Haller, Tomei would play his ex wife Maggie McPherson – who just so happens to be a prosecuting attorney.

Sounds like the role will offer Tomei more clothing options than recent work like The Wrestler or Before The Devil Knows You're Dead .

The film is hoped to be the first of three parts – based on the novel written by Michael Connolly about a lawyer who does much of his office work out of his Lincoln car.

McConaughey's best role was as the young upstart lawyer in A Time To Kill, so this could see a return to that early promise he showed back in 1994 - and let's face it, he looks like the kind of guy who would work out of his car...

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