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Make your Switch even more flexible with this 33 percent discount on official dock sets

The packaging for the Nintendo Switch Dock Set.

If you want to easily take your Nintendo Switch from one TV to another, you'd normally be looking at a $90 purchase for an extra Switch Dock Set - no small price for a fairly mundane accessory. Fortunately, Amazon has come to the rescue with one of the biggest discounts we've ever seen on an official Switch dock: $30 off the MSRP for a total of $59.99, or a 33 percent price cut. Whether you're moving between entertainment centers in a single house or want to make your travels feel a little more at home, that's a sweet deal.

Nintendo Switch Dock Set for $59.99 on Amazon, $30 off the standard price.

Nintendo Switch Dock Set for $59.99 on Amazon, $30 off the standard price. This is the official dock from Nintendo, just like the one that came in the box for your Switch. Expand your gaming options by setting up another station in your home or anywhere else you have a TV to plug your Switch into! 

You could argue that $89.99 is too steep of a price tag for such a seemingly simple product. However, if you look around for other USB-C hubs with passthrough power, you'll find they're hardly cheap themselves. Add in the dock's HDMI support and included power cables and $89.99 starts to sound a lot more reasonable. Ergo, picking the whole kit up for $30 off is extra nice!

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