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Lois and Superman talk symbols in new clip from Man Of Steel: watch now

Man Of Steel has debuted a new clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live , in which Lois and Superman discuss the big red symbol on the Kryptonian’s chest.

He claims that the giant “S” is a symbol of hope back on Krypton. She counters that here on Earth, it’s just a big old “S”.

It’s basically a slightly extended version of the scene featured in the trailer, although with a little added detail about why Supes is tolerating those puny handcuffs.

Take a look at the new clip, below…

Henry Cavill really seems to have Kal-El’s gentle demeanour down to a tee here, with his explanation concerning the handcuffs showing the patient benevolence he feels towards a species that can’t quite decide if he’s friend or foe. Put simply, he’s just a very nice chap.

Directed by Zack Snyder and co-starring Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe, Man Of Steel will open in the UK on 14 June 2013.