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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

The Battle of Pelennor Fields [1-5]

Minikit #1-3: The best way to get the four minikits in this area is simple: trample everything. Charge into every box you see. Some contain minikits, some need to be destroyed en masse to earn yourself a minikit. In any case, smash through everything, and you’ll get the four minikits here.

Minikit #4: Once you begin fighting the Witch King, use Gimli’s axe to shatter a cracked tile in the southwest part of the arena. A minikit is hiding underneath.

Minikit #5: On the right side of the field, use Sam’s spade on the patch of soil to attach a glowing handle to the nearby cart. Use the Uruk-hai to yank the cart, unloading an injured solider.

Dig up some soil just south of the cart to get a red herb. You’ll need this in a moment.

Across the field, you can dig up another soil patch for a yellow herb. Combine this with the red herb to make a First Aid Kit. Give this to the injured soldier from before to be rewarded with a minikit.

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