LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Warg Attack

Minikit #1: In the starting room, there will be two broken tiles in the center. They can be smashed with Gimli’s axe to release loose pieces. These pieces can be used to make a sign, which can then be destroyed. Do this with both spots for a minikit.

Minikit #2: Hanging above the throne are two banners. Shoot them down to get some loose pieces that can be built into a minikit.

Minikit #3: On the left side of the room is a hook. Use Sam’s rope on it to pull back a panel and reveal another minikit.

Minikit #4: The south end of the room holds a kettle. Boil it using Sam’s tinderbox to release loose pieces of a minikit. Assemble the bits for another collectible.

Minikit #5: In the open area, head north to find a climbable wall covered in broken tile. Toss Gimli at it to break up the blockage, and climb up with Gollum to grab the minikit.

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