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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Helm’s Deep [1-5]

Minikit #1: At the level start, bomb the Mithril gate with the Berserker’s attacks to open a new area.

Head left to find a shooting gallery, and use Legolas’ bow to take out all the numerous targets. This will raise a flag on the caged minikit in the center of the room.

Further left is a broken tile. Smash it with Gimli’s axe to raise another flag.

Now head right to find a patch of soil. Use Sam’s spade to make a palm tree spawn, and smack it a few times to drop some coconuts. Chuck them at all the stacked cups in the booth to raise a third flag.

On the far right you’ll find a dunk tank. Shoot the target to raise the last flag and free the minikit.

Minikit #2: In the southeastern part of the area you’ll find a Morgul. Smash it up with Aragorn’s sword to reveal a patch of soil. With Sam’s spade, you can dig up the dirt to find some loose pieces and assemble a ballast. Hop in and aim high to spot some targets along the battlements. Shoot the five targets, and loose minikit pieces will drop. Put them together, and you’ve got yourself a treasure.

Minikit #3: In the southwestern part of the area you’ll find a cart. Destroy it to find an item Aragorn can track. Follow the path, and you’ll eventually find some loose pieces. Build the pieces to make a wooden structure, and a minikit will appear atop it.

Minikit #4: At the proper start of the level, move right to find some breakable rocks hiding a cracked tile. Bust it open with Gimli’s axe for a minikit.

Minikit #5: Very close to the previous minikit is a cart with a golden handle. Use the Uruk-hai to yank it loose and gain another minikit.

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