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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Track Hobbits [1-5]

Minikit #1: After getting through the first thicket, you’ll be in a large, open area. To the east you can see three hanging nets. Shoot them down and assemble the loose contents to create a minikit.

Minikit #2: On the opposite side of the area is a silver flag. Use the Berserker’s bombs to destroy it and reveal a minikit.

Minikit #3: Next to the silver flag is a set of buried blocks. Dig them out with Sam’s spade, and use Gandalf’s magic to create a staircase to the minikit above. In this instance, you only need to be able to jump up to the minikit, so stack as you will.

Minikit #4: At the start of the next zone, throw Gimli at the broken tile above to release a minikit.

Minikit #5: After going down the first slope, use the Uruk-hai to rip away the golden handle. This opens up a secret area.

In this shooting gallery area, a minikit dangles from the ceiling. Use the ballast on the far end of the room to shoot all the fast-moving targets. Shoot them all, and that teasing minikit is yours.

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