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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide

VR Missions 

VR Missions are found in the lab section of several hubs. Missions are unlocked as you progress through the story. Hop into the chair to begin!

Gold Brick #1

The first mission is just a twin stick shooter. Blast through the waves of enemies to finish the mission and win a brick.

Gold Brick #2

The next mission is another twin stick shooter with more, tougher enemies. Blast through to come out victorious.

Gold Brick #3

Mission number three is yet another twin stick shooter, this time with difficult enemies in an arena with a giant pit in the middle.

Gold Brick #4

Now for a new mission type: defeating sumo enemies. These guys can only be beaten when knocked over the edge of the arena. Take them out as the arena shrinks to complete the mission.

Gold Brick #5

The next missions pits you against more sumo baddies in more dangerous arena. Take them out again to complete the mission.

Gold Brick #6

The next mission keeps the sumos and adds Killer Croc into the mix. Avoid his charges while taking out the sumos as usual, and you'll win another brick.

Gold Brick #7

Ready for a serious change of pace? This mission puts you in the driver's seat of the Batmobile! Speed around the track to the exit, grabbing studs along the way, to win.

Gold Brick #8

This mission is a classic game of Snake. Run around and grab the tokens, increasing the tile trail behind you. Collect them all without stepping on your own trail to win.

Gold Brick #9

This is another Snake game, but in a trickier arena with bad guys; you have to avoid their trails too. Stay alert, grab the tokens, and you'll be OK. And hey, you can actually take the bad guys out with your own trail, so give it a try if the opportunity arises.

Gold Brick #10

It’s the final round of Snake, so be prepared. As you collect the tokens, the arena grows and adds more enemies. Just keep going, and you'll eventually come out on top.

Gold Brick #11

This mission is basically a game of Pac-Man. Collect the studs and avoid the baddies to win.

Gold Brick #12

For this mission, you'll have to sneak around, grabbing tokens without being seen. Stay out of the bad guys' lines of sight and be quick. This one isn't so bad.

Gold Brick #13

Another stealth mission, another set of tokens to grab in secret. This time the layout is trickier and the guards are doubled. Keep moving and make quick decisions to grab the tokens and come out a winner.

Gold Brick #14

It's time for one last stealth mission. This time the field is full of dead ends and tight turns - it's tough. Do what you did for the previous missions, and you'll make it out OK.

Gold Brick #15

This mission is tricky. The floor moves like a treadmill, studs fall towards you, and enemies fire lasers down the columns of tiles. Dodge the lasers (you can jump over them too), collect studs, and keep going until the mission ends.

Gold Brick #16

Time for some platforming. Gold blocks stay put, but blue blocks turn red right before they disappear. Time your jumps and carefully make your way to the exit to complete this mission.

Gold Brick #17

This missions is just like the last, but with fewer gold blocks. Be quick with your jumps to make it to the exit.

Gold Brick #16

The platforms return for a third time. This time you'll have to jump and roll, going corner to corner on the blocks. Keep moving and jumping as usual, and you'll make it to the exit in no time.

Gold Brick #17

OK, ready for one last platforming mission? This time the jumps are short, but platforms drop much faster. Move quickly and use short jumps to finish this tough mission.

Gold Brick #18

This mission is a shooting gallery, and its rules are simple: shoot the red guys, and don't shoot anything else. Take out 25 baddies (you have to train the laser on them for about half a second) to complete the mission.

Gold Brick #19

The final standard VR mission is another shooting gallery. This time you have to take out 30 red dudes while everything moves much faster. Still, it's a simple aim-and-kill, so you'll be done with this one in no time.

The final three missions are part of the Gold Bricks in this guide's Batcave section.

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