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Kojima's tweeting more cryptic clues about his "frontier spirit" game

Whether or not we'll see anything of Kojima's new game at E3 is a pretty hot question right now. It's potentially too early for anything substantial to exist but that hasn't stopped Koj continuing his enigmatic teases. 

Earlier this week we saw Kojima Production's mascot Luden's very Norman Reedus-like face revealed, and now the MGS creator has followed it up with these messages: 

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As previously mentioned, the name Ludens means 'those who play' and there's still some confusion over whether he's actually involved in a game.  Kojima Productions producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi has said both that "This is not an image of the game which we are working on" and that "its' not a screenshot". 

Kojima himself has said that while the game isn't open world it will appeal to fans of Uncharted 4 and The Division. This new description isn't really narrowing things down either by casting its net so wide.

"Cutting edge equipment, technology" I get given that Kojima's been all over the world recently checking out other studios. The "frontier spirit" bit could relate to going it alone as an indie studio now. Although he does also mention "past & future, destruction & frontier, adventure & creation" as apparently tonal motifs. 

The "Western & Eastern" part's easy though. Kojima has apparently been very impressed with the various studios he's visited. LBP studio Media Molecule's been the place Kojima loved the most and apparently wants to base his new company on. 

However, perhaps the biggest part of that tease is the "real & fake" bit. Given Koj's love of tricks, distractions and downright deception who knows what we can believe? 

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