Kojima thinks you'll like his next game if you're into Uncharted or The Division

Hideo Kojima's next game will be - drumroll please - an action game that should be pleasing to fans of modern AAA game. It's not the most surprising thing he's said in the last year, but it's the most solid information I've heard about the game proper since it was announced back in December.

Kojima spoke with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu (translated by Gematsu) about the progress on Kojima Productions' first major endeavor. According to Kojima, the studio is currently in a temporary office and has only made a logo and a web page, so don't expect anything more too soon. Still, he was willing to share some of the broader strokes of what he wants to do with the post-Konami project.

"We’re thinking about everything all at once, including the plot, characters, and game systems. Since certain parts are fairly new, we cannot help but experiment", Kojima said. "While not to say that it’s open-world, users who enjoy today’s AAA games (The Division and Uncharted, etc.) will be able to easily enjoy it. When it is announced, you might think ‘that’s not that outstanding’, but you’ll understand when you see it and play it. The genre is action”.

That goes along with the job listing speculation I did back in December, at the very least. And maybe we'll get a Kojima protagonist portrayed by Norman Reedus after all.

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