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Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

U-24 Zabijak (Insula Fonte)

Lacos #1

Coordinates: 40.642, 43.986

Head to the coordinates above to find a large hill. Approach from the north to see a slope behind the hill that leads to a small grotto – the part is in the dirt here.

Lacos #2

Coordinates: 40.748, 41.170

Go to the island at the northwestern part of the province and check the southern beach to find this among the rocks.

Lavanda #1

Coordinates: 41.250, 42.944

Check under the bridge at the southern edge of the province to find this.

Lavanda #2

Coordinates: 41.842, 42.592

In a valley adjacent to Sancte Lucas.

Lavanda #3

Coordinates: 41.961, 41.453

Check the ravine just west of Rondella to find this.

Lavanda #4

Coordinates: 42.099, 41.311

Head to the coastline just northwest of the previous vintage part. This sits by the water there.

Feno #1

Coordinates: 42.564, 42.445

There’s a small ravine between the highways that run near Albeto Pero. Check there to find this in the dirt.

Feno #2

Coordinates: 42.267, 43.195

Head for the woods north of Cima Leon. The part is in the middle of nowhere, but the coordinates above will guide you to the spot.

Plagia #1

Coordinates: 42.852, 43.693

Check the ruins in the northern pocket of the province to find this.

Plagia #2

Coordinates: 42.174, 43.983

There’s a tunnel southwest of Surpicco. Look by the tunnel entrance to spot this among some trees.

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