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Joss Whedon talks about The Avengers and the Marvel Universe


Total Film recently caught up with Joss Whedon to talk about the mammoth task of bringing together Marvel’s biggest superheroes for The Avengers .

Right off the bat, we felt we had to ask about some of the bigger rumours that had been circulating about the blockbuster epic. In short, we wanted to know if any other major Marvel characters would be making an appearance in The Avengers

“There is no Spider-Man in this movie!” Whedon told us, debunking the rumour that the iconic character (due to receive his own movie reboot this summer), would be crossing paths with Iron Man , Captain America , Thor et al.

“I feel so bad for Jenny [ Agutter ],” sighed Whedon. “I think she just slipped on a name and the reporter ran with it. It’s not like she goes to Comic-Con every year…”