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James Mangold tweets 10 films that have influenced The Wolverine

James Mangold has frequently stated that The Wolverine will be influenced by more than just the X-Men comics, and has taken to his Twitter feed to make his point in picture form.

The director tweeted a series of images from ten films that have influenced him while making The Wolverine , and very interesting reading they make too.

You can see all 10 below, and for a bit of amusement, you can see how many you recognise. They’re not labelled you see… there’s at least ten minutes of fun right there!

Take a look at the images below…

For those of you wondering, those images are from…

1) Chungking Express

2) The Outlaw Josey Wales

3) The Samurai Trilogy

4) Floating Weeds

5) Black Narcissus

6) Happy Together

7) 13 Assassins

8) The French Connection

9) Chinatown

10) Shane

Co-starring Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee and Rila Fukushima, The Wolverine will open in the UK on 26 July 2013.

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