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The first reactions to It: Chapter 2 are in: “It’ll make more money than Warner Bros knows what to do with”

It Chapter 2 reactions
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The world-first reactions to It: Chapter 2 are in. With Pennywise’s returning to cinemas on September 6, a few members of the press got the chance to see the scare-filled sequel a few weeks early.

Both the adult and kid versions of the Losers’ Club are big hits, with Bill Hader even being tipped for an Oscar nod. Elsewhere, reactions were decidedly mixed, some commenting that the runtime feels overly long in places and not as tight as the original. Here are a selection of the reactions to It: Chapter 2.

The adult Losers make their mark

One major difference in It: Chapter 2 is that the movie shifts back and forth between the Losers’ Club as kids – as seen in the first movie – and their adult selves. One member of the Losers’ Club especially stands out (more on that in a moment). However, it might take some time to get adjusted to the changing time periods, according to the reactions.

A worthwhile ending that brings the scare

It: Chapter Two will be the end of the Pennywise saga, and it sounds like it’s going to sign off with a bang. Emotional reactions have already been shared, including some tears, with one critic calling it a “satisfying and emotional conclusion.”

Does It: Chapter Two stick around too long?

This is the balloon-filled elephant in the room. The It: Chapter Two runtime is pretty staggering for a horror movie, standing at 165 minutes long. It’s been a source of discontent among those who have already seen it. Our advice? Find a comfy chair and downgrade your large drink to a medium.

Bill Hader steals the show

Hader – the creator and star of Barry, plus former Saturday Night Live cast member – has everyone up in arms about just how great his performance is in the It sequel. He plays a grown-up version of Richie, and there’s already serious buzz about awards season.

Will it float to the top of the box office?

In a word: yes.

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