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iPhone game of the day: Texas Hold 'Em

Game: Texas Hold 'Em
Price: %26pound;2.99/$4.99
Size: 129MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

Apple's own Texas Hold 'Em app may be old, but it's given us hours and hours of entertainment over the past couple of years so it comes with a wholehearted recommendation. With real actors playing your opponents, the game looks slick and you might even be able to read a few 'tells' if you look closely enough.

There are plenty of venues to play in and although it can be hard to progress past the second, once you do, the game really opens up. With a fun 'fold' touch screen swipe and good use of the landscape/portrait views, this is very enjoyable. And hey - at least it's only ever going to cost you the asking price and not your house/car.

Above: Ooh, with that kerchief over his face, there's no telling his hand

Above: Turn the iPhone on its side and see exactly how the players stand

14 Jun, 2010

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