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How many people play Apex Legends?

How many people play Apex Legends

How many people play Apex Legends is a legit question to ask, considering that the game hit over 50 million players in fewer than 30 days from launch. Considering the number of fresh battle royales that were around at the time, this milestone is even more impressive, and unlike some of them Apex Legends has continued to thrive since then. To celebrate this early success, a highlight reel was produced by Respawn which was chock full of Apex Legends stats including total kills and play time, and the results were staggering! During that first month Apex Legends players used 1.23 billion ultimate abilities, placed 31 billion pings, activated 170 million respawns, and even managed to rack up some kills with the so-bad-it's-meme-worthy Mozambique shotgun.

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It’s now been over a year since release, and while Respawn do not have a way for us to regularly check out how many people are actively playing Apex Legends, we do know that in October last year that the game reached 70 million legends in its player base.

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This is the latest milestone in Apex Legends' meteoric rise to success after its surprise February 4, 2019 launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Reputable analyst Daniel Ahmad drew a comparison between the numbers for Apex Legends versus the current genre leader Fortnite, illustrating just how quickly Apex Legends has risen up the charts. Granted, the battle royale genre wasn't as popular when Fortnite first launched its Battle Royale mode, and as the newest, hottest BR game on the block, Apex Legends got to inherit a lot of Fortnite's audience who were up for a change of pace. 

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Of the stats that Respawn shared, it's fantastic to see the bit about 31 billion pings, which goes to show the sheer brilliance of Apex Legends' ping system. It's no wonder that Fortnite quickly copied the system with pings of its own. This certainly won't be the last time we hear about Apex Legends hitting impressive player counts, but it remains to be seen if it can possibly catch up with - or surpass - the monolith that is Fortnite.

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