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Where to find bluegleam in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

If you have your eye on the Banuk Powershot Bow or any of the nifty armour that heals you over time in Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds, you’re going to need bluegleam. These bright blue crystals can be found all over the Cut, sprouting from machine corpses. The Banuk have decided that these shards are pretty valuable, so Aloy will need to hoover up as much as possible to access the more powerful items sold by merchants. To help you along the way, here’s where you can find bluegleam in the snowy, snowy land of the Cut. 

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South west corner, west of Song's edge

Amount: 3

Fast travel to the campfire near the south west corner of the map. The bluegleam is directly west of Song’s Edge. From the campfire, run south into the woods, and make your way to the snowy slopes covered in pine trees. You’ll find two machine corpses festering with bluegleam close to each other, between large areas of red grass. The last one is in the snow to the east of these bits. It’s south of a rocky outcrop about a metre away from where snow starts to appear on the ground. 

West corner, on the slopes of the mountain

Amount: 5

Teleport to the campfire west of the ruins. Run north west directly up the steep snowy hill. Continue until you get to the path that winds its way up here, and keep going in a north west direction through the trees. Once the trees start to clear you’ll see the first bit of bluegleam on the slope, above a rocky outcropping. The second bit can be found directly north from here. Gather both and run down to the south west to find an additional store of bluegleam at the bottom of the slope. Then go back up to the west of the slope, and right at the top there’s the fourth place you’ll find the blue crystals. Run east from here to pick up the last bit on a rocky ledge.

Centre-west area, north of the Ruins 

Amount: 3

Travel to the campfire to the north east of the ruins. Run west from the campfire and scrabble up the snowy slope. When you get to the area with pine trees but no rocks, look out for three stores of bluegleam very close together in a triangle formation. 

East of the Ruins

Amount: 5

Cross the river running to the north of the campfire. Head east, and then south so you’re running on the edge of the ridge in the mountain. Keep going and you’ll find your first bit of bluegleam. Head to the campfire to the south. Run directly north east from here and make your way around the rocks near the pine tree. Then go west, and pay attention to the cliff face on your right - there are handholds leading up to a plateau above. Simply follow them upwards to find four stores of bluegleam right at the top. 

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South west of the Dam

Amount: 1

Go to the campfire to the south west of the Dam. Run northeast, and you’ll find it in between two large rocks about 30 steps away.

North west of the map, south of Ourea’s Retreat

Amount: 1

Travel to the campfire to the west of the colourful pools (not the one south-west). You’ll end up right next to an icy lake where there’s a control tower (that’s if you haven’t taken care of it already). Watch out for the robots, and head northwest. Follow the road to the north of the icy lake, head up to one of the rocky platforms that overlooks it beside two ruined tents and a sled. The bluegleam is on the edge of the platform behind some shrubs. 

West of the map, west of the iced-over lake by the control tower 

Amount: 1

Teleport to the campfire to the south of the Shaman’s cave, which you’ll go through on your way to find Ourea. Go all the way through it until you come to the bridges that are being filled up with. Before you go over the one directly in front of the waterfall, gingerly make your way down the rockface using the handholds until you’re at the large snowy platform below. Run east, and there you’ll find the bluegleam. 

North of the map, on the road up the mountain

Amount: 3

Travel to the campfire directly to the north of the one by the control tower lake. Follow the road north, then when you see another road join it from the south double back and follow that path. When it forks take the left-hand path. When you get to the area where there's a ruined sled and cage covered in snow, go directly west and climb up on the rocks nearby to find the bluegleam. Then head directly north onto the snowy slopes and you’ll find the next bit of bluegleam close by, just in front of a fallen tree.

Now go back to the road and follow it all the way up, past the zipline. When you get to the area full of dead trees and by a charger site, continue following the road past the second zipline on your right. Keep going until you see the weirdly-shaped snow peaks on your right (they looks like of like meringue drooping over), and head east from there through the trees. Keep heading east and you’ll find the bluegleam in between the trees, near a gatherable herb. 

East of the Drone Hangar

Amount: 3

First, make your way to the Drone Hangar. Head east all the way past the snowy slope to find the first bit of bluegleam. From there head south east until you get to the top of the ridge. Clamber over the rocks (not down the slope), heading south. You’ll find one bit of bluegleam on the jagged outcroppings, then double back and follow the rocky platforms round to the east to find the next bit. 

North of the colourful hot springs

Amount: 1

Travel to the campfire to the north of the colourful hot springs. Follow the road that heads north west, then when it splits into two take the right-hand path that leads east. Keep following it and take the path that goes in between the mountains, with an area of red grass directly in front of it. Follow it west until you can see the blue Banuk lanterns. Then climb onto the rocks (you might want to kill the lancehorns and scrappers below). The bluegleam is close by, to the east, near the edge and between two pine trees. 

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