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All the Thunderjaw locations in Horizon Zero Dawn, ranked from easy to oh dear God why

From the moment when we got our first glimpse of the Thunderjaw in the Horizon Zero Dawn trailer, adrenaline junkies have been hankering after their very own duel with the distinctly tyrannosaurus-rex-like robot. Yet if you stick to Horizon’s main storyline quest, you’ll only get a chance to fight one near the very end of the game. If you’re want to tackle a Thunderjaw before that and soak up all that sweet XP, give our video guide a watch to find the right technological t-rex for you. 

Because there are not one, but four Thunderjaw locations for you to find. Each one is a tad more difficult than the last to tackle, but if you’re stocked up on health potions, arrows, and are a dab hand at dodging, you should be able to manage it. Beginners should head to the arid plateau to the north-east of Meridian for the easiest Thunderjaw fight. It’s lurking alone without any other robots too close by, so you can take it on without attracting any unwanted attention. If you want a bit more of a challenge, send Aloy off to the grasslands at the western edge of the grassy section of the map. Broadheads are grazing nearby and might join in when you start fighting the Thunderjaw prowling away there, but there’s plenty of rocks to hide behind and long grass to dive into if you want to hunt all stealthy-like. 

Those who like to get that heart thumping should set off towards the Thunderjaw south of the snowy mountains at the very north of the map. A behemoth convoy often marches close to his location, plus there are irritable tramplers nearby who will help him out against Aloy as soon as she notches an arrow in her bow. If you like to stand on the edge of yawning abysses and hug alligators, head on down to the Thunderjaw site slap-bang in the middle of the desert map. Not one but two robotic t-rexes stomp around here. So maybe only say hello to them if you have a death wish. Have fun!