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Homefront update fixes freezing issues

Kaos Studios has apparently resolved the game-crippling "Profile Freeze issues" that have been affecting Xbox 360 Homefront players from day one, and confirms that it is committed to supporting the title with future enhancements.

"In the background, we’ve been hard at work on further improvements which should be following hot on the heels of this update. Details to follow," Kaos wrote on the official Homefront website.

"We have a full-time team here at Kaos Studios dedicated to ongoing support on the technical side, as well as development of a wide range of exciting DLC that we’re not quite ready to talk about just yet, but hope to unveil to you in the very near future," the message continued.

This news comes fresh after 17 Kaos employees were laid off as part of more wide scale cutbacks at parent company THQ.

Even with the reduced staff, though, the company assures players they will still strive to keep Homefront alive and kicking.

[Source: Homefront website]

Apr 1, 2011