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What time does the Halo Infinite campaign unlock?

Halo Infinite
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If you’re wondering when does Halo Infinite come out and the campaign unlock, then we have all you need to know about the Halo Infinite global simultaneous release. This means that the game will unlock and become playable for everyone around the world at the same time on December 8, rather than getting a midnight release in your time zone. When Halo Infinite launches on this day, you’ll finally get access to the new open-world-ish campaign that sees Master Chief fighting the Banished across Zeta Halo. You’ll have likely seen that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has already launched, but the full multiplayer release with the rest of the game on December 8. If you’re wondering when Halo Infinite unlocks in your region, we’ve got you covered.

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Halo Infinite launch day release times around the world

(Image credit: Xbox Games Studios)

When does Halo Infinite unlock?

A global simultaneous release for a game means lots of time zone conversions. Luckily, 343 Industries prepared this handy map to show you exactly when the game will launch for some major time zones. You’ll be able to play Halo Infinite from the following times, depending on region:

  • America - 10am PST / 1pm EST
  • UK - 6pm GMT 
  • Europe - 7pm CEST

If you’re in east Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, the Halo Infinite campaign won’t be playable for you until the early hours of the morning on December 9.

You can preorder Halo Infinite now so that you have the campaign forever – although the multiplayer is free-to-play – or you can get it on Xbox Game Pass if you have a subscription for that service. The campaign sees Master Chief teaming up with a UNSC pilot and a new AI known as ‘The Weapon’ to bring down the Banished armies on Zeta Halo and restore the fractured forces of the UNSC. It’s a lot less linear than the usual Halo game, with players having the ability to explore between missions, but the game isn’t totally open-world.

While the Halo Infinite campaign is yet to release, you can still install the multiplayer beta and jump in to 4 vs 4 Quickplay, 4 vs 4 Ranked Arena, or 12 vs 12 Big Team Battle. The Season 1: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass is also available now, and your progress in multiplayer and on the Battle Pass will all carry over to the full release of Halo Infinite.

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