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Halo Infinite ranked matchmaking will separate controller and mouse players

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite will separate players based on their input device for ranked matchmaking, putting controller players and keyboard-and-mouse players in different lobbies. 

Developer 343 Industries recently confirmed that Halo Infinite will support full cross-platform multiplayer and cross-progression between Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. While excellent news, this also sparked some questions about matchmaking pools mixing console and PC players. The studio's now confirmed that Halo Infinite will follow the lead of the Master Chief Collection and use input-based matchmaking for ranked modes. 

"Social playlists and custom matches are open to all, you can play on any platform and any device with anyone you like," PC development lead Mike Romero explained in a new blog post. "For ranked matches, we plan to restrict competitive playlists based on input type, not console versus PC. That’s because we believe the input is the biggest differentiator in gameplay ability (with things like aim assist on the controller or the precision of sniping with a mouse). You can play with a controller on your PC to play ranked with your console friends, or even mouse and keyboard on your console to play ranked with your PC friends." 

Romero added that "you don’t have to buy the game on a different platform to play with your friends; worst case, you switch input devices." Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X support a wide array of keyboards and mice, so if Xbox players find themselves wanting to play ranked with their PC friends, it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange a workaround. 

"We also want to ensure nobody feels like they’re at a significant disadvantage because of the way they’re playing (within reason; a 10-year-old PC just isn’t going to be as fast as a brand new ultra-high-end PC)," Romero says. "If we do our job right, in combination with our TrueSkill 2 ranking system, everyone should be able to trust they’re getting a fair shake in the cross-play ecosystem."

Halo Infinite beta testing will start as soon as 343 Industries is ready to send invites.  

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