Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Snapshot location guide

Snapshot 26: West side of City Hall.

Snapshot 27: Front side of City Hall.

Snapshot 28: On the west side of the building.

Snapshot 29: Under the green overhang.

Snapshot 30: Floating above the baseball diamond.

Snapshot 31: Above the theater sign. Anyone up for watching The Wizard of Ass?

Snapshot 32: On the western side of the corner building.

Snapshot 33: On the top of the building.

Snapshot 34: Near a telephone pole by the street.

Snapshot 35: Between some trees and a red brick building.

Snapshot 36: In front of a Finalbuild Construction sign.

Snapshot 37: Above the tennis courts.

Snapshot 38: Top of the building, north side.

Snapshot 39: Near the top of the tower.

Snapshot 40: Above the southern bridge leading into San Fierro.

Snapshot 41: On top of one of the circular buildings.

Snapshot 42: Above the building with the glass roof.

Snapshot 43: Below the airplane model near the entrance to the Easter Bay Airport.

Snapshot 44: Above the small bridge in southeastern San Fierro.

Snapshot 45: Between two of the gas tanks on the eastern end of Easter Bay Airport.

Snapshot 46: Above the radio control tower at the Easter Bay Airport.

Snapshot 47: Above one of the warehouse buildings.

Snapshot 48: Next to the two storage tanks.

Snapshot 49: Inside the train station.

Snapshot 50: Above the crane.

March 3, 2011